June 26, 2009

Jumping for Joy


Jumping for Joy. This year’s tweleve students nominated by the AA Diploma Committee for the AA Diploma with Honours. Twelve presentations were made this afternoon, by William Paul (Dipl 7), Maryam Pousti (Dipl 16), Yifan Liu (Dipl 6), Marco Ginex & Tarek Shamma (Dipl 9), Karl Kjelstrup-Johnson & Gergely Kovacs (Dipl 15), Asako Hayashi (Dipl 2), Adam Johnston & Eleftherios Ambatzi (Dipl 13), Atsushi Iwata (Dipl 11), and Edmund Fowles (Dipl 10). After deliberation by the AA Diploma Committee, consisting of 22 tutors in this year’s Diploma School, the AA is pleased to announce this year’s 2008/09 recipients of the AA Dipl with Honours: Tarek Shamma (AA Diploma Unit 9), Edmund Fowles (AA Diploma Unit 10), and Adam Johnston (AA Diploma Unit 13). Congratulations to the winners, and all nominees, for an outstanding group of fifth-year projects.

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