January 25, 2008

Capturing the Thesis Presentations


One of the dozens of video and other digital cameras capturing the day’s presentations during Day Two of the DRL’s Thesis Presentations; proposals for the 2010 Shanghai World Exposition.

Graduate Design Students Presenting Thesis Projects


The Lecture Hall at about 3.00pm today–part of the presentations going on during this week’s M.Arch Thesis Presentations, for the DRL, SED and EmTech Programmes.

Grad Open Day Participants Join the M.Arch Audience


Part of the crowd overflowing the lecture hall during the afternoon’s M.Arch Thesis presentations, part of the events during this January’s Graduate Open day for prospective students for 08/09.

Jury Notes


Francois Roche’s notes for the morning session’s presentations in the DRL Jury.

DRL Phase II Final Presentations


Rashiq says I never photograph him and this was my last chance.

Critics, Models, and the Audience


Francois Roche, and half a dozen other juries, making points during the Thesis presentations this morning session in the lecture hall.

Model Set-up Friday Morning


Early into Day Two, of the AA DRL’s Thesis Juries this year, going on today in the main AA Lecture Hall.

Model Delivery Thursday Morning


Rapid Prototyping models, during delivery into the Lecture Hall for the day’s presentations.

Second Year Techinical Studies: ‘Live Loads’


Second Year students in Ching’s Yard, at 34-36 Bedford Square, early this term testing their bridge designs, as part of their Technical Studies courses. Large-scale cast-concrete 1:1 live load tests. Photo sent by Sarah Ho.


‘Typological Formations’ in the Diploma School Hallway


Models in the Diploma School Hallways: the after-effects of Chris Lee and Sam Jacoby’s launch of ‘Typological Formations’, and the work of AA Dipl Unit 6; upstairs in the Main School end of last term.

Ben van Berkel & Brett Last Night


Talking about the recipes they are sending in for the AA Recipe Book.

Ben is doing Surreal Brett is doing Mexican.

Contribute! recipes@aaschool.ac.uk – open to all…

January 23, 2008

Richard Rogers Giving A Lecture On Tuesday


He & Ruth Rogers (River Cafe) are preparing a recipe for the AA recipe Book too…

January 22, 2008

Inter 5 Jury


Camille presenting her project.

Inter 5 Jury


The London model.

ts structures: load-testing tied arch bridges


ts structures: load-testing tied arch bridges


ts structures: load-testing tied arch bridges

TS Structures tutors Anderson Inge and Philip Cooper set the 2nd Year class the challenge of actually building and load-testing concrete ‘tied arch’ bridges.

ts structures: load-testing tied arch bridges

The class worked in four teams of 15, sharing between them all of the required design,
analysis, detailing, fabrication and testing. Only a very schematic diagram was given to the
class to start them off, setting the general form of the bridge as well as  some ‘performance
criteria’ pertaining to proportion and load/area.

ts structures: load-testing tied arch bridges

Beyond this basic information, the success of all four bridges is tribute to the extraordinary job the teams did in integrating lecture content with the very real and divergent concerns of
aesthetics, structure, materials, detailing and logistics.

ts structures: load-testing tied arch bridges