November 30, 2007

Just Working In The Rain


Second Year students building bridges for TS – load testing is next week.

November 29, 2007

Didier Faustino Preparing His Lecture Yesterday


Theatre des Operations.

Student Forum Photographic Competition Winners


Photo by Ioana Maria Iliesiu.

Student Forum Photographic Competition Winners


Photo by Brian Fung.

Didn’t I say ‘don’t just go and photograph a sandwich’?

Or was it ‘just photograph a go sandwich’?

Student Forum Photographic Competition Winners


Photo by Marjan Ertefai French.

TS Third Year Bridge Structure Presentations



TS Third Year Bridge Structure Presentations



TS Third Year Bridge Structure Presentations



TS Third Year Bridge Structure Presentations



Student Forum Publication: Inter 6


Produced by Ioseb Andrazashvili & Friedrich Grafling.

Available from Reception.

Student Forum Publication: Inter 6


Available from Reception.

Produced by Friedrich Grafling & Ioseb Andrazashvili.

November 28, 2007

Amandine Kastler Wins the RIBA 2007 Bronze Medal


Amandine Kastler (AA Part 1, ’07) this evening at the RIBA after winning the RIBA 2007 Bronze Medal for the best international Part 1 project by a student of architecture, for her ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’, for an extension to the Victoria & Albert Museum. Amandine celebrates with her tutors in Intermediate Unit 9 last year, Oliver Domiesen & Frances Hiromi Mikuriya.

Isabel Pietri Medina (AA Dipl ’07) RIBA 2007 Silver Medal Commendation


Isabel Pietri Medina (AA Dipl ’07) at the RIBA celebrating her Commendation for this year’s Silver Medal 2007. Her Diploma Unit 5 project tutored by George L. Legendre is titled ‘Mies Immersion’ and develops a design strategy at multiple scales based upon a series of mathematically derived ‘Miesian’ protoypes.

Cynthia Davidson and ANY Magazine


Cynthia Davidson displaying Issue one of ANY magazine. Opening remarks by the editors gathered together for a discussion of art and architectural print, magazines and journals.

‘Little Magazines’ Today in the AA Exhibition Gallery


Opening remarks by AACP’s Shumon Basar, at Tuesday afternoon’s ‘Little Talk’ in the AA Exhibition Gallery: five of the world’s leading art & architectural editors from Europe and North America.

Aybars Asci (AA) Lecture

Aybars Asci is Design Director at SOM. Tonight’s early-evening lecture, organised by Javier Castanon and Hugo Hinsley, titled ‘Digital Projects: Their Implications & Potential.

Aybars Asci at the AA


Aybars Asci from SOM, during his AA evening leture on digital projects.

Bridge Building For Technical Studies


Students working on their Technical Studies projects, in Ching’s Yard.

Peter Cook in the AA Lecture Hall: ‘Architecture is Enough’


This afternoon’s lecture by Peter Cook, delving into the world of 20th and 21st century architecture: its values, its gossip, the culture of the process of design, the relation between pedagogic architecture and cause-and-effect design and research.

Peter Cook: ‘Architecture is Enough’ Lecture 3


Peter Cook at this afternoon’s Lunchtime Talk: ‘Hangovers’. The series is provided by the generous support of HOK.