May 21, 2007

Technical Studies Interim Jury, AA Dipl Unit 6


Chris an Sam join the AA Dipl Unit 6 students for their TS Interim Jury with Mike Weinstock and Wolf Manglesdorf.

Rem Koolhaas in Brett’s Office Preparing His Lecture


Rem, a couple of beers, and Powerpoint. Tonite’s lecture featured recent projects and research of OMA.

Rem, Charles Jencks & Brett


Rem arrivingfor the set-up of tonite’s Evening Lecture.

OMA @ AA Friday, 18 May 2007


Rem’s opening image on display during Brett’s intro for this evening’s lecture–the message being ‘architecture is a very old discipline’. . .

Rem’s Audience for OMA@AA


Everybody wants a photo; students and digital cameras during the opening of tonite’s Evening Lecture by Rem Koolhaas. Zak & Wayne’s  supercool posters (including Rem’s 1973 ‘Hollywood Tower’ script) in the background.

Rem Koolhaas in Front of CCTV


Rem with a construction photo of CCTV currently under construction in Beijiing. Photo by Valarie Bennett.

Rem Koolhaas Opening the New Student Forum Office


Rem’s at the door cutting the ribbon with the First Year students.

Rem Koolhaas in the New Student Forum Office


Rem and the First Year guys, drinking Louis Roederer in celebration of the new Student Forum office.

Rem Koolhaas with First Year Videos


Looking at student work on the laptop; the newly-renovated student forum office.

Rem Signs Off


Signing stuff in the new office; Valerie climbed out of the window to take these shots.

Autographs in the Office


Signed the Student Forum door; Rem’s the first one on the list.

May 19, 2007

Lining up for Rem


The crowd outside the AA waiting to get in the Lecture Hall for tonite’s OMA@AA lecture by Rem Koolhaas. Picture uploaded by Marisa Yiu.

May 18, 2007

Dan Marks’ AA Dipl Unit 16 Project


‘Storm Water Shed’ by Dan in AA Dipl Unit 16; a model of milled/cast elements getting snapped into shape atop a sand form.

Environments, Ecologies & Sustainability Research Cluster Event


Competition, display & performance of cluster-related event; organised by Steve Hardy and the AA Sustainability Cluster.

AA Dipl Unit 13 Presentations


3 students from AA Dipl Unit 13 presented work to students from the TU, Vienna.

May 17, 2007

United Visual Artists at the AA School

United Visual Artists

‘A food for thought’ lecture by Matt Clark and Ash Nehru from UVA, presenting past and current work of the studio as part of today’s ‘New Media’ Research Cluster event. For more, go to

United Visual Artists at the AA School

Uva colder

A food for thought lecture by Matt Clark and Ash Nehru from UVA, presenting past and current work of the studio.

May 16, 2007

EmTech meeting in the AA Bar


Students meeting with Achim and Michael in the AA Bar this afternoon–an impromptu laptop tutorial of MSc and MArch projects this term.

‘Her Noise’ Archive Presentation at the AA


A New Media & Info Systems Research Cluster Event presented by Lina Dzuverovic & Emma Hedditch. ‘Her Noise’ is a media and sound archive that will be on display all week long in the North Jury Room.

‘Her Noise’ Archive on Display in the AA


Viewing the documentaries and interviews that are part of ‘Her Noise’; a sound and media archive that will be on display all week in the AA’s North Jury Room. Organised by the AA’s ‘New Media’ research cluster’s Joel Newman.