January 27, 2007

Critics in the Lecture Hall


Industrial designer Ross Lovegrove, visiting critic Florentia Pita, and the DRL’s Tom Verebes and Theo Spyropoulos mid-presentation in the Lecture Hall.

First Year Presentations Friday


The First Year’s presentations in their studio all day Friday. Each student has taken a part of the Citroen 2CV currently parked at the south end of the studio to draw and then re-install in some part of the AA Building.

Double-Parked: A Citroen 2CV in First Year


There’s a Citroen 2CV parked in the First Year Studio, serving as a model for Spring Term’s Drawing Workshops.


Day One of the DRL’s Thesis Presentations


Day One of the DRL’s Thesis Presentations of the team’s 16-month M.Arch Design Projects. Critics today and tomorrow include Kas Oosterhuis (Rotterdam), Antonino Saggi (Rome), Alisa Andrasek (New York), Hernan Diaz Alonso & Florentia Pita (Los Angeles), Ali Rahim (New York), Vicky Richardson (London), Zaha Hadid (London), and Ross Lovegrove (London). More photos will be online soon.




The AA’s Yusuke Obuchi, Larry Barth and Visiting Critic Alisa Andrasek from New York, following the morning session of Day One in this year’s AADRL Phase 2 Thesis Presentations in the AA Lecture Hall.

Burma-Thai Border on the AA Walls


Photos from Julia and Asif’s current exhibition in the AA Bar.


Asif Khan and Julia King


Current Fifth year students Asif Khan and Julia King are exhibiting in the AA Bar photographs of their trip to the Thai-Burma Border, which is the site of their Diploma Project this year. A fundraising evening for the work is being held this Monday 29 January, 6.30-8.30 pm in the AA Bar.

Postcards from the AA’s Hooke Park


Diploma Unit 9’s great cards sent to Brett last term from Hooke Park, following the Unit’ first visit out there in the Autumn. As part of the unit’s year-long investigation into Hooke. The students will be doing a series of cards that document different experiences while working out at the site. Hooke Park is the AA’s 350 acre woodlands and industrial woodworking facility in Dorset.

Brett’s 3rd Year HTS Class

AA School Director Brett Steele during the opening of his second session of his Spring Term Histories and Theories Studies Seminar for the Third Year Class. This week’s session is on design processes and their impact on architectural theories. Photo by Valerie.

Technical Tutorial with Mike


Head of Technical Studies Mike Weinstock mid-tutorial with a student in his office this week; photo by the AA Photo Library’s Valerie Bennett.

Tutorial Space


Snapped along the hallways by Valerie last week — a Unit tutorial in action. Undergrads bringing their latest project work in for a tutorial with Unit Tutors. We’ll upload photos throughout the year.

January 25, 2007

‘Parametric Urbanism’ Presentation Pin-up


The teams pinning up for this morning’s session of the AADRL’s M.Arch Thesis Presentations. Day One Visiting Critics included Alisa Andrasek (New York), Antonino Saggi (Rome), Philippe Morel (Paris), and Kas Oosterhuis (Rotterdam). Day Two starts Friday at 10am.

AADRL Thesis Presentations, Day One


Twelve 2007 Phase 2 Thesis Teams in the DRL Design Research Lab are presenting their final projects today and tomorrw in the AA Lecture Hall.



January 19, 2007

HTS/TS Submissions Hand-In Week


Stamped essays from this week’s submissions of Autumn Term Complimentary Studies courses,  waiting to be marked by tutors. Spring Term 2007 HTS, TS and Media Studies courses all started this week.

Antoni Malinowski & Helene Binet at Her Exhibition


AA Media Studies Tutor Antoni Malinowski joins Helene Binet on a visit to her ‘Photographic Works 1986-2007’ exhbition, a twenty-year retrospective of her architectural and landscape photography, currently on display in the Front Members Room and the AA Exhibition Gallery.

January 17, 2007

Jurgen Bey Evening Lecture


Jurgen Bey, the Rotterdam-based artist and designer, visiting the AA Wednesday Evening this week for his ‘Like a Wrapped Background’ Visiting Lecture.

Jurgen Bey ‘Like a Wrapped Background’


The Rotterdam-based artist and designer Jurgen Bey during this evening’s Visiting Lecture.

Shumon Introducing Jurgen Bey


AACP’s Shumon Basar Introducing Jurgen Bey at Wednesday Evening’s Lecture.

January 16, 2007

Helene Binet ‘Photographic Works’ Exhibition


A visitor in the AA Exhibition Gallery looking at the Helene Binet Installation as part of her current architectural photography retrospective.

Helene Binet ‘Photographic Works’ Exhibition


Visitors in the AA Exhibition Gallery, having a look at Helene’s photographs currently included in her ‘Photographic Works’ Exhibition.