December 31, 2006

AA Inter Unit 1 Trip to HK and China


AA Inter-1 with founders of in HK for local neighbourhood walking tour. Include visits to recently abandoned Public Housing Estate in HK and urban renewal project sites.



Visits to Factories and manufacturing facilities in Southern China



Student Presentations to critics and faculty in Hong Kong.

December 12, 2006

AADRL Programme Trip in Shanghai


The AADRL’s Autumn 2006 Programme trip in Shanghai, where this year’s Phase 1 Studio teams are working this year on studio design projects for the upcoming Expo.


December 11, 2006

First Year Presentation: Body/Installations


A photo taken during last Friday’s presentations of First Year Students’ presentations of their final desing workshop of Autumn, 2006. A project installed in the rear stairway of 34 Bedford Square.

First Year Installation: Project Performance


Zamri likes his film watching area, installed outside the AA Photo Library as part of the current First Year Design Workshop, titled ‘Body/Installations’.

First Year Project Installation

Zamri & Sarah testing their installation project, in the corridor outside the AA Photo Library. Part of the current First Year ‘Body’ workshop, which presents later this week.

First Year Body Installation


Zamri & Sarah’s project as part of the First Year’s current Design Workshop, titled ‘Body/Installations’. A viewing platform in the corridor outside the AA Photo Library.

AA Student Christmas Party


A photo from last Friday’s James Bond night at the AA. Films, Costumes, and Soundtracks taken from the life of James Bond.

AA Staff Christmas Party


Designed by Diploma Unit 2 tutors Anne Save de Beaurecueil & Franklin Lee, this year’s AA Staff Christmas Party brought Brazil to Bedford Square. Good music, food, and drink.

AA Library Becomes Brazil


Gledson serving hard-core Brazilian cocktails for AA Staff at this year’s Christmas party.

A Tribute to the Brazilian Sea Goddess


Anne Save de Beaureceuil & Franklin Lee (AA Dipl Unit 2 Tutors) designed and made the decorations for this year’s AA Staff Christmas Party


December 10, 2006

Apply for 2007-08 AA Scholarships & Bursaries


2007-08 Applicants to the AA are encouraged to apply by January 15, 2007 to be eligible for one of the many School Scholarships and Bursaries available to new students, including the full-fee Scholarships for 4th year students available to UK residents, generously supported by the Baylight Foundation. In 2006/07 nearly 1 in 7 students are supported scholarships, bursaries, or other kinds of school financial assistance. Many others students qualify at the AA each year for financial assistance from their home countries.

AADLR Phase 2 Thesis Workshop Presentations


AADRL’s presentation at the end of autumn term, at the conclusion of this year’s Phase 2 Materials workshop, undertaken as part of the teams’ thesis design projects. Visiting critics joined AADRL staff for a day of project presentations and discussions.


December 9, 2006

AA Intermediate Unit 3 Presentations


Intermediate Unit 3’s end-of-term presentations of the ‘block models’ they’ve been making this term. The unit takes their superblocks to Los Angeles over the weekend, for a week-long unit trip that includes an exhibition and presentation of the Autumn Term projects at SCIARC, the Southern California Institute of Architecture.

First Year Studio Tutorials


First year students in a tutorial with First Year Unit Master Martina Schaeffer. The studio presents their ‘body/insallation’ workshop projects Thursday and Friday Week Ten–in the studio, and all around the AA buildings.

(A)After-Lecture Crowd at Superstudio Lecture


The after-lecture crowd, including orignal OMA founders Madelon Vriesendorp and Rem Koolhaas, at the conclusion of Christiano Toraldo di Francia’s incredible survey of Superstudio 1966-73. Koolhaas and Vriesendorp first invited Superstudio to lecture at the AA 35 years ago, in 1971.

Voerman AA Installation Lift-Off


A photograph outside the AA showing the Dutch artist Rob Voerman’s installation, part of his recent ‘Bad Buildings’ Exhibition, on the road back to his studio.

Superstudio Returns to the AA


Christiano Toraldo di Francia in a photograph taken from the front row of the AA Lecture Hall, at the opening of his Evening Lecture ‘Superstudio 1966-73’, on the origins of the seminal group and their early works, including the film and video projects of the early 1970s.

December 8, 2006

AA Student Forum Party Poster – James Bond AA


A poster by the AA Student Forum announcing Friday night’s ‘James Bond Christmas Party: Fancy Dress Essential. Prizes for best costume given out later in the evening.

First Year Installation Under Construction


A photo in 37 Bedford Square; preparations for Thursday and Friday’s end-of-term presentations of the Body/Installation projects.

Diploma Unit 11’s End-of-Term Pin-up


Diploma Unit 11’s Shin Egashira with students presenting some of their projects at the end-of-term presentations this week. This year’s projects are exploring house prototypes for sites in South London.