March 7, 2019

Media Studies 2nd & 3rd Year Presentations

Photo: BB

January 9, 2019

Cabinet of Virtual Curiosities with Paula Strunden – Media Studies

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November 22, 2018

Rubbish Party 3 – AA LAWuN Event

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November 8, 2018

Rubbish Party – AA LAWuN Event

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January 25, 2008

Model Delivery Thursday Morning


Rapid Prototyping models, during delivery into the Lecture Hall for the day’s presentations.

May 17, 2007

United Visual Artists at the AA School

United Visual Artists

‘A food for thought’ lecture by Matt Clark and Ash Nehru from UVA, presenting past and current work of the studio as part of today’s ‘New Media’ Research Cluster event. For more, go to

United Visual Artists at the AA School

Uva colder

A food for thought lecture by Matt Clark and Ash Nehru from UVA, presenting past and current work of the studio.

May 8, 2007

lighthive:luminous architectural surveillance

LightHive is a gigantic lighthouse signalling the activity of the AA School through its piano nobile windows to the world beyond.

lighthive:luminous architectural surveillance

The lights pass through the boundaries of the windows, shifting the exhibition’s location from inside to out, democratising the gallery.

lighthive:luminous architectural surveillance

The geometry of the AA’s entire premises is compressed as a 1:5 model to fit into the space. Represented by light sources that enable the AA to function, the precise position, intensity and colour temperature of every fixture is located within the Font Members’ Room, the geometries of thier surroundings generating 2100 unique shapes that have been designed, scripted and lasercut by Zumtobel.

lighthive:luminous architectural surveillance


November 29, 2006

media studies jury_heavy rendering


media studies jury_heavy rendering


media studies jury_digital photography


November 8, 2006

New AA Online Launch



Today’s pre-launch of our new, by our digital platforms team: rosa (content editor), vasili (design), and aristos (programming & back-end). The site goes public in two weeks; till then enjoy our current

November 2, 2006

AASCHOOL.NET Sneak Preview



A sneak preview of the totally-new, fully-customised, information-filled, — now called Join is at an-house pre-launch by Vasili, Aris, Rosa & Brett next Wednesday during AA Open Week. These two images above are the front & back of another great announcement card, done by wayne in the aa print studio; went to press today. Come to the preview on the 8th and see some of the back-end and content-management infrastructure that will allow it to operate as a continuously-evolving online extension of the school.

October 29, 2006

RadioCapri is Online

(AA Independent Radio Interface)

RadioCapri’s Friday night party launched the sounds recorded at the AA Summer Workshop in Capri last August. The recordings made at the workshop can be found online at AA Independent Radio.

January 17, 2006

involuntary acts

(Stelarc performs with students of the AA)

Stelarc visits the AA

(Stelarc presents for the first time to the AA)

New Media Cluster Kick Off Event

(New Media Research Cluster curated by joel newman, theodore spyropoulos, and vasili stroumpakos held its first event of the year…a talk and performance by the artist Stelarc)