August 13, 2012

Eugene Visiting School ‘Marking the Forest’

Image: Martin Self

Eugene Visiting School ‘Marking the Forest’

Image: Martin Self

Eugene Visiting School ‘Marking the Forest’

Image: Martin Self

July 23, 2012

AA Mexico City Visiting School Workshop

Prototypical Networks, Centro Cultural de Espana, 25 June?6 July

May 9, 2012

AA Landscape Urbanism Fieldtrip, Bilbao

LU students Leah and David presenting project to local authorities

AA Landscape Urbanism Fieldtrip, Bilbao

LU students working at La Alhondiga
Images by Alfredo Ramirez

May 8, 2012

AA Landscape Urbanism Fieldtrip, Bilbao

LU tutor Clara Oloriz interviewed by local television channel

AA Landscape Urbanism Fieldtrip, Bilbao

LU students present project to local authorities

AA Landscape Urbanism Field Workshop, Bilbao

Images by Alfredo Ramirez

February 1, 2012

Intermediate Unit 8 Animation/Maya Workshop with Gerry Cruz and Arturo Revilla

Photo by Nuria Alvarez Lombardero.

November 13, 2009

Zbigniew Oksiuta ‘Biological Habitat’ in Action


A large, strange, prototype. Students with visiting artist Zbigniew Oksiuta.

Zbigniew Oksiuta ‘Biological Habitat’ Workshop in Action


The workshop underway, at the lower level of 16 Morwell Street.

June 26, 2009

From Terrace to Terrace


Students in the AA’s MSc and MArch Emergent Technologies+Design programme, at work on the third floor terrace of our new 16 Morwell Street building, assembling their plywood canopy for the main terrace of 34-36 Bedford Square.

January 16, 2008

The AA’s Fibrous Room Coming to Istanbul


The ‘Fibrous Room’ project from last November led by Marco and Claudia and completed by a group of students out at the AA’s Hooke Park opens soon in Istanbul. More online soon.

December 3, 2007

Second Year Bridge-Building


Trystrem Smith leading the second year students in preparation of their concrete casting of bridges as part of this autumn’s Intermediate School technical studies. Photo provided by Sarah Ho; thanks Sarah.

November 12, 2007

AKT & DRL Working on the Pavilion


A working session at Adams Kara Taylor; design development of the DRL Ten Pavilion, by Alvin Huang and Alan Dempsey (right). AKTâ??s Hanif Kara, Oliver Bruckermann and Jugatx Ansotegui along with the DRLâ??s Yusuke Obuchi join Alvin & Alan.

October 20, 2007

Digital Prototyping Lab Opens


The opening of the AA’s new Digital Prototyping Lab; one of four AA workshops supporting the work of our Units and Programmes. 3D printing, Laser-cutting, and CNC opposite the Modelshop and Ching’s Yard.

October 10, 2007

2007 AA Custerson Award Project in Hooke Park


A photo at the AA’s Hooke Park, in Dorset, showing the recently-completed summer workshop project by AA students. ‘A Seperate Place’ is the 2007 Custerson Award project led by 4th Year AA Student Jesse Randzio, and completed by a team of students that began design and planning in May, 2007. More photos can be found here.

October 5, 2007

The AA’s New Digital Prototyping Lab. The Set-up Continues.


Off the South side of Ching’s Yard: fitting out the new AA Digital Protoyping Centre. Come to the Soft Opening Friday 12th October. Drinks start at 6.00pm–and carry on across the Yard in the Re-launched Modelshop.


The new Roland cutter in operation; the CNC facilities downstairs in the enlarged AA Workshop.

Trys’s New AA Modelshop


Trys’s new AA Modelshop; saws, drills, foam-cutters, a kiln, vacuum-forming and other tools are part of the relaunched-shop, on the North side of Ching’s Yard.